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One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is Marketing. Most people think it is creating a website and being active on social media but that doesn't even scrape the surface of what it entails. Since we like words over here, let's use the 5 W's to define marketing.

Marketing is the process of determining what product/service you offer that solves a problem, who has that problem, when they need it solved, where are they located, how will you get your product/service in front of them, and why you are the person they should choose to solve that problem for them. If whatever you are currently doing to market your business does not answer these questions in detail, go ahead and book that consultation for us since you like wasting money. But seriously, this is the basis of a marketing strategy and we gave that to you on the house.

Whether you need a strategy to launch your new business or you need someone to audit the one you currently have in place, our team has you covered. 


Product/Service Launch Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Content Strategy

Strategy Implementation

Strategy Audit

In 2021, there were approximately 4.5 billion people worldwide using social media. It makes sense as to why businesses have branched out from simply having a website and started marketing their products/services on social media.

However, every business owner can tell you that the time and effort necessary to create a thriving social media presence are not readily available. That is where we step in. While you focus on the major aspects of the business -- operations, revenue, products/services, we will handle the beast known as social media. Now let's get to work.